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Resources for DIY Publishers and Small Businesses

2021’s New and Nice Christmas Stationery

We’ve made our list and checked it twice. Now it’s time for you to enjoy this Season’s latest and greatest Christmas stationery. Enjoy!

3 Tips to Ending 2020 on a Productive Note

Here are a few easy ways to help you be more productive in 2020.

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3 Tips to Thrive in Your Home Office

If you are looking to improve the organization of your home, there are plenty of steps you can take in order to accomplish this goal.

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3 Key Elements of a Product Label (Create on a Budget)

For small companies, potential customers don't know you or your merchandise until they see it on the shelf between a bunch of competitors.

This is very late in the buying cycle, which is why you need a quick and effective way to differentiate your goods from the crowd. The fastest way to achieve this is with a label...

Envelope Names, Measurement, and More!

This useful chart showcases A1, A2, A6, A7, A8, A9 & #10 Business Envelopes. You'll discover what size each envelope measures as well the corresponding paper size that fits in each.

Parent's Guide: Preparing for the School Year Ahead

Since summer is almost over, now is the time to be thinking about managing the life and schedule of a full time student.

The best way to face the new school year is to spend some time before the start, and prepare for the months ahead.

Teacher's Guide: 3 Tips for Saving on School Supplies

It's the end of August, which means school is very very close. And while you're preparing your class rooms for the year ahead, we wanted to give you some insights on how reduce your cost for paper goods.

3 Ways to Get Creative with Your Summer Photos

Here are a few fun ways you can get creative with your summer pictures.

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18 Desktop Publishing Software Programs & Compatibilities

If you're looking to create stunning visuals on any of Desktop Supplies' products, we highly recommend looking at the list of Desktop Publishing Software Programs.

Tips for Writing a Great Thank You Card

Writing a thank you note may seem outdated and difficult, but with these simple tips you can create a thoughtful card.

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