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Resources for DIY Publishers and Small Businesses

Printing on Mini Envelopes

Mini Envelopes are a great product that can add an extra touch of professionalism to your small-form documents. When you see these small envelopes for the first time, you might ask “How am I supposed to run these little things through my home printer?” Fortunately, it is quite easy to print on these using a […]

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Using Our Microsoft Word Templates

So, you’re ready to print on your blank stock. Whether you’re making greeting cards, invitations, postcards, or labels, using our templates doesn’t have to be hard. Here is a quick tutorial on creating an image, saving it, and placing it into one of our templates. Of course, if your project does not require the use […]

Numbering Raffle Tickets in Microsoft Word (Video)

Video Tutorial Presented in Microsoft Word 2010 Text Tutorial Presented in Microsoft Word 2003 This is a step-by-step tutorial of how to number your raffle tickets. It is also a great way to learn how to use Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge functionality. When you are going through, there are many times when dialog boxes or […]

Types of Printers

Most modern printers available in the retail market are based on one of two technologies: inkjet or laser. The different technologies used result in considerably different printing properties and cost effectiveness to the end user. Here, we briefly review the differences between the technologies and how they might influence your choice of which printer type ...

Greeting Cards vs Invitations – What is the difference?

You’re probably thinking.. “Everybody knows the difference between Greeting Cards and Invitations… what’s this guy talking about?”. Short and simple… We all know that greeting cards are given to people to show affection and invitations are given to people to invite them to an event. OK. But what about their physical appearance? Is there any […]

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