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Resources for DIY Publishers and Small Businesses

3 Key Elements of a Product Label (Create on a Budget)

For small companies, potential customers don't know you or your merchandise until they see it on the shelf between a bunch of competitors.

This is very late in the buying cycle, which is why you need a quick and effective way to differentiate your goods from the crowd. The fastest way to achieve this is with a label...

The Role of Paper on Your Business (And Bottom Line)

If you own or operate a business, you use a lot of paper (memos, invoices, printing paper, invites, etc.). 

As a smart business owner, you understand that each paper plays a different role that, in theory, adds value to your company.

To make sure the paper you're order does that, we put together this little list.

Paper Advice: 3 Trends for the Spring Season

Spring is around the corner and with it a lot of events. Well to make sure your event is looking as fresh as the newly bloomed spring garden, we've put together a list of paper trends for the season! 

3 Popular Fonts for Your Restaurant's Thanksgiving Menus

Here are a few fonts to choose from while you are designing your Thanksgiving menus.

The Difference Between Pamphlets and Flyers

Pamphlets and flyers are two common types of print publications used throughout business. The core difference between a flyer and a pamphlet is that a flyer is typically made from one sheet of paper, while a pamphlet consists of five to 48 pages (Anything beyond that is classified a book). When to Use Pamphlets and […]