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About Our Postcards
A postcard is one of the most effective and efficient tools a marketer or company has at their disposal. This is even more true in the digital age. The reality is, everyone is marketing online, but not everyone is marketing on paper. If you want to break through the ad noise and connect with a potential customer, go directly with a postcard. More specifically, go directly with a blank postcard from Desktop Supplies

Our collection of postcard is available in a variety of sizes, colors and thickness. And all are completely customizable with our online business card designer tool. You can even add a QR code to enhance your card and customer's experience (See even postcards go digital).

Desktop has been supplying businesses for over 20 years. We're trust because our sheets are reliable, consistent and affordable. If you're looking to enhance your marketing output, you cannot go wrong with our blank postcards.


"The 130lb extra thick cardstock is perfect for printing and making postcards to send through the mail. It stands up to postal handling and has a good white for inkjet printing. Excellent customer service too! Thanks"

- Susan