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Resources for DIY Publishers and Small Businesses

3 Key Elements of a Product Label (Create on a Budget)

For small companies, potential customers don't know you or your merchandise until they see it on the shelf between a bunch of competitors.

This is very late in the buying cycle, which is why you need a quick and effective way to differentiate your goods from the crowd. The fastest way to achieve this is with a label...

The Power of a Great Business Card

Having a business cards ready to hand out is always a good idea This is true whether you're part of Fortune 500 company or a 5 person company. Because that little paper can have a profound impact on the overall business.

The Difference Between Pamphlets and Flyers

Pamphlets and flyers are two common types of print publications used throughout business. The core difference between a flyer and a pamphlet is that a flyer is typically made from one sheet of paper, while a pamphlet consists of five to 48 pages (Anything beyond that is classified a book). When to Use Pamphlets and […]