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Item#: 11749
Mountain View Stationery
Mountain View Stationery is a great paper for any message or announcement! This stationery paper measures 8 1/2" x 11" and is made from a 28lb Bond stationery paper stock. Inkjet & Laser printer compatible. Acid and lignen free. 80 Sheets
$12.95 $15.75
Item#: 98318
Clear Plastic Adhesive Hand Tags, measure ( 1 9/16" x 1 1/4") , Not Printer compatible, matte both sides
Clear Plastic Hang Tabs are perfect for hanging anything on a Pegboard or presentation board! These Hang Tabs feature an adhesive so you can stick it to anything! Hang small boxed products, clear bags or envelopes, etc. Simply peel & stick! These Clear Plastic Adhesive Hang Tabs come 20 per...
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Item#: 98328
Clear Photo Mounts for 4" x 6" Photos - 100 Sleeves
$14.95 $21.95
Item#: 57123
A7 Plastic Envelopes with Hang Tab - 100 Envelopes
These A7 Clear Plastic Envelopes fit greeting cards, invitations, and much more. Clear Plastic Envelope bags can be used as a package for your cards or as a protective sleeve. The Hang Tab feature on these envelopes makes it easy to hang your cards on pegboards in stores or at...
$12.95 $16.75
Item#: 98329
Clear Photo Mounts for 5" x 7" Photos - 100 Sleeves
Mount & protect your 5" x 7" photos with our Clear Photo Sleeves! These 5x7 photo sleeves are easy to use and have endless possibilities. Simply slide your 5" x 7" photo into the sleeve, peel the adhesive strips on the back, and place it where you want. Each mount...
$11.95 $14.95
Item#: 98338
Adhesive backed hang tabs - peel and stick to your product packaging to hang on shelves!
Desktop Publishing Supplies brand plastic hang tabs make it easy to add hang tabs to any product. Apply these to plastic bags, boxes, paper, and more. Simply peel these tabs off the backing sheet and stick to your product- that simple! Each hang tab measures 7/8" wide by 1 3/8"...
$1.87 $9.95
Item#: 99901
Padding Cement 1 Quart, measure (1 Quart), matte both sides
Make your own pads using our paper padding cement. Simply stack your papers neatly on one edge, place a heavy object as close to the edge as possible. Paint on the cement, allow to dry for 2 hrs.
$27.95 $33.95
Item#: 99106
Red Metallic Laser Foil - 200 Foot Roll
$25.77 $30.95
Item#: 99103
Blue Metallic Laser Foil - 200 Foot Roll
$25.77 $30.95
Item#: 99105
Silver Metallic Laser Foil - 200 Foot Roll
$42.95 $51.95
Item#: 99104
Green Metallic Laser Foil - 200 Foot Roll
$25.77 $30.95
Item#: 99102
Gold Metallic Laser Foil - 200 Foot Roll
200L X 8"W roll Not for inkjet printers, or color laser printers. For use on monochrome laser printers and copiers.
$42.95 $51.95
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