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The Mission is Simple: "Provide customers with quality printing products, at a reasonable price, with exceptional customer service."

The foundation to any successful business is a good product, at a good price, with good people making it. That's exactly what you'll get when you shop with Desktop Supplies, and the reasons we've been successful for over 20 years. How We Acheive Our Mission To ensure quality, 98% of our products come from right here in America. To offer those goods at an affordable price, we've built strong relationships with our manufacturers to get them at a fair cost. What makes our employees so good? They're made up of a diverse group of people that love to work together. This teamwork allows us to handle issues quickly and offer you a paper experience unlike any other. Discover it all for yourself, and shop with us today!
1995 Founder Kenneth Smith realizes the demand for quality perforated & scored stock for the upcoming generation of do-it-yourself printing. Desktop Publishing Supplies, Inc. was born. Ken begins traveling to various computer shows around the tri-state area selling his printing paper.
1998 Ken purchases the domain and sets up a small online store for customers to shop online.
2001 After noticing declining quality and increase costs from current suppliers, Ken finds and purchases his own manufacturing equipment to control cost & quality and also allow him to create an endless combination of products.
2007 Desktop Publishing Supplies teams up with Amazon to offer all products in the marketplace- over 500 products (and counting) would eventually be available to Prime members.