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Greeting Card Paper

Desktop Publishing Supplies, Inc. brand greeting card paper makes it simple and easy to create your own greeting cards and invitations. All of our greeting card paper is made on 8 1/2" x 11" blank cardstock sheets, scored to the sizes indicated. Besides different greeting card sizes, we offer different sized greeting cards as well as different colors, weights, and textures of our cardstock, giving you total customization for your next greeting card!

More About The Product

F or those looking to create their own paper greeting cards using our greeting card stock, we recommend focusing on some subtle, yet important card qualities. These include paper thickness, finish, printer compatibility, and size. You’ll find these traits important because they affect the overall look, and feel of the card. Keep in mind, the printer compatibility and thickness affect how well the paper feeds into your printer, so be sure to consult your printer manual before ordering.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Once you’ve picked the right greeting card size, you’ll discover a page full of quality blank cards. The options will range from 65lb Cover up to 90lb Cover stock. On the left hand side, you’ll find a box called “Shop By”. This has a list of certificate qualities, in which you can sort.

Shop By Categories

  • Color
  • Paper Weight
  • Printer Compatibility
  • Finish
  • Price
This degree of customization, allows you to find the perfect greeting card paper every time!

To begin, select your ideal greeting card size from above that best fits your needs.


"Second time I have purchased these and I like them. They are not a super heavy weight but not thin and flimsy either. They print out very well and make a very nice finished product. I would recommend them to anyone. I also really like the crystal clear envelopes, I send out all my cards in them, and they look great in them."

- Betty