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Red Raffle Tickets - Numbered Pieces - Twin Ticket Attached

  • Color - Red
  • Number of Tickets - 2000 Uniquely Numbered Tickets
  • Back of Ticket - Spaces for "Name", "Address", and "Phone No"
  • Twin Ticket - Each Ticket has a Twin that can be Quickly Matched
  • Feature - Scored for Easy Separation
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Red Raffle Tickets -&nbspNumbered Pieces - Twin Ticket Attached
Whether theyre getting ready to win or ready to enter your big event, your guests will love the thrill of entering with this red 2-part raffle ticket. Two parts means you get to keep the ticket while they keep the coupon – theres no memorizing of entry numbers with this 2-part raffle ticket, the number of the ticket remains with your patrons as long as the ticket does! Plus, with a bright red color, this ticket isnt going to get lost any time soon.
Color: Red
Package Weight: lbs