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Fluorescent Labels - 2.625" x 1" - Color: Pink

  • Color - Fluorescent Pink
  • Made From - 50lb Text Stock
  • Labels Measure - 1" X 2 5/8"
  • Finish - Front (Matte) / Back (Adhesive)
  • Printer Compatibility - Inkjet And Laser
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Fluorescent Labels - 2.625" x 1" - Color: Pink
Desktop Publishing Supplies Brand High Visibility Neon Fluorescent Labels make it simple & affordable to create your own high visibility mailing address labels, warning labels, product labels, or ID Labels right from your home or office printer. Our fluorescent labels are designed to work on both Inkjet & Laser Printers. 30 up address labels measure 1" x 2 5/8" each are laid out 30 to a page on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and use industry standard layouts for maximum printer & software compatibility.
Color: Pink
Finish: Matte
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Laser
Package Weight: lbs