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Postcards, 2up 8.5" x 7"
Looking for a larger postcard? Or, are you looking to use USPS Every Door Direct Mail for your next marketing campaign? We've got the solution! Our 2up 8.5" x 7" Postcards are a cheap, easy, & fast way to print your own marketing flyers for use with USPS Every Door Direct Mail. These postcards measure 8.5" x 7" each and come 2 per sheet. Each sheet measures 8.5" x 14" and is made from a White 110lb Index matte cardstock. Inkjet & Laser printer compatible. This product is micro-perforated in the middle for easy breaking and cleaner edges!

250 Sheets / 500 Postcards
Color: White
Finish: Matte
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Laser Copier
Stock Weight: 110lb Index
Package Weight: lbs