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Adhesive  Inkjet Gold Foil, measure (1 5/8" Round) , compatible with inkjet  , Matte Both Sides
Our unique Desktop Publishing Supplies Brand round gold foil adhesive backed labels can be used on inkjet printers only. These labels come on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and come 24 per page. Each label measures 1 2/3". Note: Our Labels are not made by Avery­­­®, but are comparable...
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Our selection of Gold labels include address labels, shipping labels, round labels and Inkjet gold foil oval labels. We had these gold inkjet foil labels custom made for us by a major manufacturer. These gold foil address labels were tested on several inkjet printer models and found that on some models a high quality setting gives the best results. You can print in color allowing for some striking designs, bear in mind that your inkjet printers assumes a white background and therefore the colors you print will be affected by the gold background. Although the color dries immediately on these inkjet gold foil address labels, we found that pure black takes a few hours to dry on some printers.