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Item#: 66185
Adhesive  Labels Laser Gloss, size A6, measure (1" Round) , compatible  laser  , Full Gloss
Our Laser Glossy White adhesive labels are created on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and come 63 per page. Glossy laser labels measure 1" round. Round laser labels are great for sealing envelopes, invitations, brochures, and much more! 
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Item#: 65185
Photo Glossy Labels - 1" Round - (Color: White)
Desktop Publishing Supplies Brand Labels are everything you need in a label for the right price! These high quality GLOSSY labels are both inkjet and laser compatible. These labels work great for creating product labels, price stickers, envelope seals, fun stickers for kids, and much more. 
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All glossy laser labels in this section are created specifically for Laser printers & copiers. Our White Laser Glossy Labels contain a laser gloss coating to give you superior image quality and a professional look! Ensure a professional look when using these gloss labels.