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Item#: 903395
Merry Christmas Seals- perfect for Holiday Greetings, Letterhead, & Invitations
Merry Christmas Seals by Great Papers are perfect for sealing your holiday message or greetings this season. Each Christmas envelope sticker features a beautifully written "Merry Christmas" and measure approximately 1" diameter round. 25 Merry Christmas Seals
$1.77 $5.95
Item#: 903355
Seals, Black Grad
Masterpiece Studios Black Grad Hats Foil Seals. These seals make a great addition to envelopes or invitations. Seals measure 1" in diameter and do not work on printers. 25 Foil Seals
$0.97 $2.95
Item#: 2015018
Dancing Hearts Seals -  25 Seals
Are you looking for something extra to add to a special envelope or letterhead? These Dancing Hearts Seals may be the perfect accessory for you! These self-adhesive seals with lovely heart images can help to add that extra touch to a large variety of items including gifts and envelopes. The...
$1.77 $2.95
Item#: 2013054
50 lb Grad Swirls Seals, measure( 1"), compatible with inkjet and laser, matte both sides
Grad Swirls Seals are a great addition to your graduation stationery or invitation envelopes! These graduation seals measure 1" each.! 25 Seals
$1.77 $2.95
Item#: 9882076
Seals, Gold Grad Hat
Gold Grad Hat Seals by Great Papers are a great addition to graduation invitations, thank you cards, envelopes, and more! Each foil seal measures 1" round. These seals are not printable. 25 Seals per pack
$1.27 $3.95
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