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Candy Cane Stripes Self Mailers

Item # 20102256
  • Pack Includes - 50 Self Mailers & Seal Sets
  • Self Mailer Weight - 70lb Text Stock
  • Seal Size - 1" Diameter
  • Features - Inkjet & Laser Printer Compatible

$4.77 ea

Candy Cane Stripes Self Mailers make it easy to create and send your holiday greetings! These self mailers are made to print, fold, seal. and ship! The self mailers measure the standard letter size of 8 1/2" x 11". Simply print your message on the letterhead side and, if desired, flip the stock over and print your return address and the recipients address. Once finished, simply fold the self mailers into 3 panels and use the provided seal to seal the letter. It's that simple! Candy Cane Stripes Self Mailers are made from a quality 70lb text stock and feature printed design on both sides of the stock. Inkjet & laser printer compatible. Seals measure 1" diameter. 50 Self Mailers & 50 Seals per pack

Theme: Colors and Patterns
Special Features: Border Matching Stationery & Envelopes