New Website Features

Welcome to our new website! Don't worry, this is the same Desktop Publishing Supplies you know and love. We hope you like what we've done with our website. It should make your shopping experience with us a lot better. Please be sure to check out all the new features below!

Online Accounts

We've finally got a great online account system! Now you can easily view order information, order status, reorder, and much more to come. We are actively working on loading past orders to your account, adding NET30 billing options for approved customers, tax exemptions, discount groups, and many other features we feel will benefit ALL our customers.

Find Products Easier

Each section now offers an easy to use "Shop By" area that makes it very simple to find the product you need. You can sort by colors, weights, printer compatibility, and much more to come!

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

We upgraded our design to support ALL screen sizes- from mobile phones to tablets to HD screens! In this day and age, where users own multiple devices and can access the web from anywhere, it is a MUST. You should have no problems using our website on any of your devices

Customer Reviews

Shopping online can be scary, but hearing from other customers can take that fear away! With our customer reviews, you can easily read about other customer's experiences with us and with our products and make a more confident purchase.