Stationery or Stationary – Which is Correct?

So I decided this would be a fun thing to cover since it is such a big deal in our industry. Read on to find some interesting things about this controversy!

Ever since we began in the paper business this has been a question. We have people emailing us saying we spell stationery wrong on our web site and it should be “Stationary.” We also have the opposite. That is why you probably see both spellings on our website, especially on

So heres a few things you may not know about the two words.

Definitions (courtesy of

  • Stationery – “writing paper”
  • Stationary – “standing still; not moving”

Obviously “stationery” is the correct way to spell it. But how many people really spell it right?

Here are some shocking statistics brought to you by a neat gadget that tells you just how popular a word is on the internet – Google Trends (Of course something this cool had to be made by Google!).

Stationery = Blue | Stationary = Red
Google Trends - Stationery VS Stationary

Pretty shocking huh? Most Americans spell stationery the wrong way! It’s ok though, you can spell it whatever way you want! I just did some research and figured I would share my knowledge with you! Thanks for listening!

– Mike

Written by Mike

Mike has been the Web & IT Manager of Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc since 2009. Graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Information Technologies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

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