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The Importance of a Great Label and How to Create Yours The Importance of a Great Label and How to Create Yours Full view

The Importance of a Great Label and How to Create Yours

If you’re like most small to medium sized commodity companies, your advertising budget is either small or nonexistent, and that’s fine. In fact, it’s probably wise because you can now allocate those funds to purchase more inventory, upgrade machinery, or build a more quality product (we know your product is already of the highest quality, but we wanted to use one more example).

Now as a result of a small advertising budget, your potential customers are generally far less aware of your product(s). This means that the first time they’re introduced to your merchandise is on the shelf amongst your competitors. This is obviously very late in the buying cycle, which is why you need a quick and effective way to differentiate your goods from the crowd. The fastest way to achieve this is with a label.

How to Create Your Perfect Label

Selecting the Color – When it comes to selecting a color or colors for your label it’s important to think about its purpose. Many choose a color simply because it makes the packaging look more attractive, and those that do aren’t wrong. However, with that said, there are a few more questions to ask yourself before making the final selection. Two you might like to consider are – Does this color represent my brand? (Maybe you have a color scheme that appears throughout your other products). Do any of my competitors use this color on their labels? (If your potential customers are seeing your product for the first time, you’ll want to catch their eye and not blend in).

Choosing the Size and Shape – After selecting the right color, you’re going to want to get the proper size and shape. If it’s too small, you’re customer may never see it. If it’s too big, it may overwhelm the packaging and become distracting to the potential customer. To ensure this doesn’t happen, many people will send their packaging to designers or send out for samples. The downside is this can really increase your costs. To save money and time, we suggest cutting paper into different shapes and sizes then taping them to your products. This allows you to see how a label would look on your packaging. Now, we understand this is may seem too simple, but when you are on a budget this is can one of the best decisions you make.

Picking the Material – Before beginning the actual design process, it’s a good idea to choose the label’s material. Whatever your design, it ultimately needs to be in sync with your label material. If your potential customers are discovering your products on the store shelves rather than through advertising, we suggest going with a gold or silver foil. Choosing a foil material can help your design to stand out from the packaging and catch a person’s eye as they’re looking at the shelf.

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Written by Mike

Mike has been the Web & IT Manager of Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc since 2009. Graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Information Technologies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

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