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How to Create the Ultimate Invitation

When planning an event, most people place invitation creation at the bottom of their to-do list. We get it (and have done it ourselves); compared to decorating a venue or booking entertainment, invites can seem extremely small. However, they are much bigger than they appear.

You see, before a single guest has the opportunity to notice the décor or enjoy one note from the band, they’ll have looked at your invitation. And if the design is off or the message unclear, which often happens when tasks are placed at the bottom of a to-do list, your guests will hesitate attending at best, and not show up at worst.

Now, besides giving invitations a higher priority on your list, there are several other ways to enhance your invites. The list below highlights these points, in three easy-to-use tips.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Invitation

Choose the Right Colors – When creating your invitations, think about your event as a whole. You may want to have a color scheme that carries throughout the entire occasion. An example that comes to mind is a baby shower. If everyone invited knows that the baby will be a boy, your color scheme may want to be blue. This creates a cohesive look from start to finish.

Now because these are invitations and they hold important information (addresses, Dates, Etc.), you should keep readability in mind when choosing a color scheme. If the background color and font color do not contrast enough, your guests are going to have a hard time reading your invitation. This causes attendance to drop and starts your event off on the wrong foot.

Capture the Mood of the Event – Whether your event is festive, celebratory, commemorative, somber or formal, you’re going to want an invitation that captures the mood of the occasion. This sets the right tone for your event and let’s the guests know what to expect.

If we were to stick with the baby shower theme from our previous tip, we’d most likely want a card that was joyous and happy. To achieve this we’d have our blue background with a cartoon baby on the front and goofy (but legible) font. Conversely, if this were a more formal occasion, we’d recommend using traditional white cards and black engraved script. Regardless of the event mood, let your creativity fly by using photos, symbols, icons, colors and white space to create the perfect layout for your invitations.

Choosing The Right Invitation Size Matters – This aspect of invitations is often overlooked, but could have an effect on your overall invitation strategy. Traditionally invites measure 6” x 8”, 5 ½” x 7”, or 5” x 7” but any size or shape is possible. The thing to keep in mind is that veering away from the standard envelope size can increase the postage, while a bulky or extra-large invitation may increase your overall shipping price. These changes effect your budget, which could cause you to downgrade your card or worse- reduce your spend for the actual events.

Bonus Tip– Be sure to give yourself enough time to comfortably choose materials, good creative designs, mock-ups and samples as well as the printing time. On average, 6-8 weeks before the event is considered the minimum for sending out invites. Only you know how long it takes to get all those pieces together by then, so plan accordingly.

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Written by Mike

Mike has been the Web & IT Manager of Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc since 2009. Graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Information Technologies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

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